MayaSwara, meaning "Magical Note" is a musical journey to bring the magical moments in life into music and make musical events into magical moments. Through this journey, we create musical interpretations of human emotions and as we learn, we broaden our perspectives and this makes us individuals unique! MayaSwara is a band and an independent record label and our effort is to create, not compete and in this process we connect our inner world to the outer world with bridges of musical notes. MayaSwara, based in Sweden, is collaborating with different artists across India, USA and Sweden, thus uniting different perspectives to create something unique. Do you have an idea? Do you want to lend your voice? Do you want us to make music for you? Feel to free to join in! Contact us and like and support us on our facebook page!

Recent updates

  • ExperiencesMayaSwara's latest album "Experiences" is available on multiple stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. Listen & support us by buying if you like our music :)
  • What is new on MayaSwaraWe are growing strong, many new collaborations and we are playing live! Contact us for gigs!! We are working on our next album "Grievances". Check out our facebook page for updates.
  • Interesting comments
    • "These melodies are well sung and nicely composed by MayaSwara expressing profound thoughts in rich lyrics using music as a channel of expression. I wish members of MayaSwara a great success in acheiving their goal, that is, to spread their message of peace & unity to the masses thus fulfilling the real purpose of their musical journey" - Pandit Harvinder Singh
    • "If I close my eyes I can see the music.When I listen to it, my mind goes to another place. To fantasy, beyond reality. Deep and really cool music. It does what all music should do, take their place in the mind" - Tyra